Fatherhood Is …


Fatherhood is …

  • to be constantly amazed at the way time can simultaneously fly and crawl.
  • to gain a new appreciation for the value of routine.
  • to be eternally thankful for grandparents who reside nearby.
  • to become impervious to all manners of grossness.
  • to catch yourself eternally humming the music from baby toys.
  • to yearn for the simple pleasure of doing nothing for a day.
  • to be amazed at how difficult the simplest task is to master and that you somehow mastered it all those years ago.
  • to be constantly operating with a mental timer.
  • to bid goodbye to your night-owl ways.
  • to become resigned to the fact that “clean” is a relative term where your child is concerned.
  • to delight in thoughts about all the ways in which you will embarrass your child when she’s old enough to be embarrassed
  • to marvel at the helplessness and fragility of a newborn.
  • to feel the weight of making decisions that could irreversibly affect your child’s future as you stare helplessly at a wall of baby products claiming to achieve the same ends but through drastically different means.
  • to know that you are not cool anymore and not care.
  • to giggle at the words “butt paste.”
  • to feel the irresistible desire to put your baby in things or put things on your baby, then step back and squee.
  • to squee like you never thought you could squee before.
  • to be reminded time and again that all successes — like getting your child to sleep through the night — is fleeting.
  • to remind yourself time and again that all trials — like colic — shall pass … and then come back … and then pass again.