Infographic: NCAA Men’s Basketball Coaching Tenures

Earlier this month, Patrick Stevens at compiled the hiring dates of all 351 NCAA Division I men’s basketball coaches. That data set piqued my interest, so I played around with it a bit and created the giant infographic below (click the image for a larger version, orĀ download the PDF). You can also see the spreadsheet I worked with to generate the data behind the infographic.

Update (6/27/2013): Thanks to everybody who’s dropped in to take a look at the graphic, as well as those who retweeted it. This graphic is also now a Staff Pick on, which looks like an honor attached to about 4 percent of the more than 38,000 submissions on that site.

Update (7/1/2013): Thanks to Tyler Moorehead at for republishing this graphic and taking a closer look at each section.